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NDI Optical Tracker

Photogrammetry 3D Measurement System

Photogrammetry Measurement SystemNDI's Portable CMM usability specifically designed for the shop floor optical measurement solutions. Discover total measurement freedom and true handheld operation using an ultra-lightweight multi sided probe that is tracked optically. No mechanical restrictions

Key Features
  • Greater Measurement Freedom
  • Reduced Operator Fatigue
  • No moving parts
  • No system controller required
  • Completely wireless handheld probe (Wi-Fi)
  • Instant tracking due to beamless design
  • Large measurement volume
  • Solid state operation with no moving parts
  • Dynamic Referencing

These advanced photogrammetry system guarantees effortless measurement by eliminating the mechanical linkages that can restrict movement and reach. The system's solid state design also eliminates all moving parts ensuring greater reliability, it is armless, wireless and beamless portable CMM. Measure more quickly and easily than alternative arm-based technologies. With greater convenience and a substantial reduction in operator fatigue, you will dramatically increase measurement efficiency and through out on the shop floor.

Key Benefits
Take control to reduce production stops, rework, and scrap
  • Measure in confined spaces and at any location with the system’s small, adjustable footprint
  • Set up in minutes for convenient point measurement using operator-friendly touch probes
  • Perform true walkabout measurement without cables, mechanical linkages, or beam breaks
  • Reduce multiple setups with the system’s large measurement volume
  • Measure accurately in unstable environments with Dynamic Referencing (near stamping presses, forklifts, vibrating machinery, etc)

Wireless Probing System

Wireless Probing SystemFree of mechanical linkages, the OPTOTRAK PRO series sets the new standard in usability and handheld performance with a wireless probe that provides truly unrestricted range of motion. The beamless design also eliminates the need to maintain a constant line-of-sight-simply present the Probe to the Optical Tracker whenever you are ready to measure. Momentary obstructions have no effect on the system's ability to continue tracking, dramatically improving productivity. Experience the ultimate freedom in 3D handheld scanner, walkabout coordinate measure with OPTOTRAK PRO series.

  • Wireless operation ensures a cable-free environment
  • Automatic probe identification simplifies set up and eliminates
  • Quick-release stylus changing system eliminates the need for tools and stylus recalibration
  • Intuitive information panel provides audio/visual feedback and multi-function buttons for greater control
  • Portable Command Console provides remote data display reducing the need to access the host computer
  • Easy-to-hold ergonomic shape reduces operator fatigue
  • Quick-connect pistol grip with integrated trigger provides added control and flexibility
  • Multiple trigger points support right-and left-hand operation, including inverted and reaching positions
  • Single point and continuous scanning measurement modes are supported

3D Laser Scanner

3D Laser ScannerTake non-contact, point-cloud measurement to a higher level with laser scanning systems powered by NDI's advanced Optical Tracker. Quickly brings physical parts into the digital domain with handheld laser scanner that combine instant tracking performance with high speed, non-contact surface scanning.

Key Features :
  • Instant tracking due to beamless design
  • Industry-leading Perceptron V5 laser scanner
  • Large measurement volume
  • Integrated touch probing
  • Dynamic referencing

Key Benefits :
  • Exceptional ease of use for higher measurement through out
  • Reduce operator fatigue with ergonomic and lightweight scanner designs
  • Use the system's large measurement volume to scan large parts in one setup
  • Perform walkabout scanning without beam-breaks, mechanical linkages, or photogrammetry targets
  • Use your preferred data collection program - all major point-cloud software applications are supported
  • Conduct freeform scanning of difficult geometries from multiple angles of approach
  • Measure difficult surfaces without powder or spray, including shiny black
  • Measure accurately in unstable environments with Dynamic Referencing (near stamping presses, forklifts, vibrating machinery)

Dynamic & Deformations Measurement System

Dynamic MeasuringDynamic Reference
Anyone who measures on the shop floor will appreciate the added power of Dynamic Referencing, a unique feature that automatically compensates for movement between the part and Optical Tracker. Targets attached to the part continuously maintain a local frame of reference that ensures probe coordinates are always measured relative to the part. Now you can eliminate measurement drift and error by automatically maintaining part alignment throughout the entire inspection routine.

  • Operate in unstable conditions
  • Correct for vibration
  • Overcome changes in setup caused by thermal effects
  • Compensate for the loading of live suspensions
  • Enable fixtureless measurement
  • Reposition the part or Tracker at any time
  • Perform in-line measurements on moving assemblies

Dynamic Measurments
Capture the fast, complex motion of multiple objects over large volumes with exceptional precision using NDI's Dynamic Measuring Machine (DMM). The NDI Dynamic Measuring Machine is one of the most powerful and capable tools for advanced dynamic motion analysis.

The DMM uses an Optical Tracker to track specially designed targets that mark specific points of interest. The Optical Tracker's most powerful feature is the unique ability to track how 3D and 6DOF measurements change over time, adding a new dimension to industrial metrology by allowing for dynamic motion measurement.

NDI's Dynamic Measuring Machines can measure:
Vibrations, traveled paths, velocities, accelerations, displacements, positions, orientations, deformations, and angles.

Key Features :
  • Automatic, real-time target identification
  • Track up to 512 targets
  • Measure up to 4500 measurements per I second
  • Report in a fixed frame of reference or 1 dynamically reference relative to other moving targets

Key Benefits :
  • High speed 3D tracking of targets
  • Real-time 6D of tracking of multiple objects
  • Measure dynamic behaviour of parts, structures and assemblies

Vibration & Motion Analysis System

Vibration & Motion Analysis SystemCertus HD is a powerful and flexible Dynamic Measuring Machine (DMM) for 6DOF motion tracking and analysis applications. The Certus HD Position Sensor uses high-speed, realtime digital photogrammetry and optical triangulation techniques to track the precise 3D positions of targets over a large volume. The vibration study system can determine the position and orientation of many moving objects by generating thousands of data points per second in real time. The Certus HD DMM can analyze and report data in either a fixed frame of reference or relative to another object’s local coordinate system.

This non-contact tracking method does not influence the natural dynamics of motion, overcoming the limitations of conventional displacement sensors, strain gauges and accelerometers. With exceptional resolution and range, the motion analysis system is equally capable of measuring both the fine subtlety of small movements and the gross dynamic behavior of large motions. The lightweight, portable design allows you to quickly conduct testing and analysis wherever it is required.

  • Conduct testing and analysis wherever it’s required with a portable DMM
  • Pre-configured system allows immediate use right out of the box
  • Preserve the natural dynamics of motion with a non-contact tracking method
  • Trigger and synchronize third-party devices with a straightforward interface
  • Simplify testing setups and analysis with intuitive First Principles software
  • Link multiple Position Sensors to produce very large measurement volumes

Auto-Gauging & Non-contact 3D Inspection System

Auto-Gauging - Non-contact  Inspection SystemNon-contact Auto Gauging Inspection System offered by us help in providing highly accurate as well as repeatable measurements of complex manufactured parts of different materials. With automated configurations, we can successfully meet the demands of both non-contact measurement as well as full measurement statistics.

We provide Mora Gmbh, Germany Auto-gauging solutions, which are most advance and accurate. The auto-gauging solution includes on line rapid inspection of machined parts. System does inspections and measurements by touch and scanning technologies. Our customized System provides inside and outside with 100% automated with final report generation along with GO /NOGO arrangement.

Six D Marketing Solutions
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