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CMM Rental Services

We offer rental services for Laser Tracker, Portable Articulated Arm CMM, 3D Laser Scanner, Optical CMMSystem and Handheld Scanner System. Our factory trained system experts provides professional assistance for measurement & inspection solutions.

Our experts are skilled with all available Laser Tracker CMMtechnologies -Leica Laser Tracker, Faro Laser Tracker CMM& API Laser Tracker CMMwith latest available software- SpatialAnalyzer, PowerInspect, Geomagic, Polyworks & Metrolog

We are specializes for aerospace, automotive, Steel Plant, Heavy Engineering, Windmill & General Industrial customers.

Our Inspection Solutions Includes:

CMM Job Work Services

We are blend with latest technology and expertise with these systems applications in various engineering industries. Our Services shortend your time in design and development, quality inspection, alignment check application and many more...

We go in depth of applications and choose the best suitable methodology & systems to provide most innovative, practical and cost effective solutions. We use our latest portable CMM and scanning systems like Laser Tracker system, Articulated Arm CMM, NDI Probing & scanning Optical tracker system, Laser scanners, White Light Scanner, etc. for the best, precise & accurate results.

Our Services include followings:
Our experienced engineering team is unmatched in its ability to create advance innovative designing solutions to save you’re re-engineering, development and QC inspection’s time & cost hence adds profitability to your organization. By concentrating & expanding the available resources, we have created a highly efficient solution for number of customers. Due to center of competence & specialized knowledge which enables us to perform engineering consultancy task for our clients in a most precise & successful manner.

CMM Inspection Services

Sheet Metal Applications
Sheet Metal Applications
Six D Marketing Solutions
Six D Marketing Solutions

Laser Tracker CMM Services

SIX D Laser Tracking Service performs high precision, large volume, 3D spatial measurements with a high degree of accuracy and speed-up performance. Their ability to capture and interpret 3D shapes with respect to any chosen coordinate system. Laser Tracker CMMis used in most of the engineering industries with solutions like Part Inspection, dimensional verifications, alignment checks, real time alignment, deformation testing, job leveling, etc, applications.


CFD & FEA Analysis

Six D Marketing SolutionsOur RE Services (Present condition 3D CAD Model Generation) provide solutions for CFD/FEA –Simulations & accordingly Retrofitting. By CFD, we calculate the Real Life Analysis & Remaining Life Estimation.

On based on CFD we provide :

We can help you in inspection, reverse engineering and scanning needs.
Please call +(91)-(120)-4542274 / 75 or email us at:
for any further information or assistance.

Six D Marketing Solutions
Six D Marketing Solutions

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