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3D Printer & Prototyping Solutions

SixD is providing world class 3D printers with great quality & value for money with most advancements into simple 3D printing & prototyping solutions. We are technically expertise with more than 9 years experience into these technologies and have through knowled to offer our customer best suitable solution along with capabilities of customizations. We have affiliated worldwide partner companie who are dedicated to make our customers feel great with their FDM/FFF, SLA/DLP, SLS & METAL Printing technologies.

"Our customers are our best investments and we are glad that we have most of our customer coming back for any further advice and assistance. We have more than 60% repeated customers"

FDM Printer

3d PrinterLooking towards the developments in last 2-3 years into RE field. It has opened good opportunities for new product’s fast developments. By applying these technologies new design can be 3D printed within a day to get its FORM, FITMENT & FUNCTIONILITY

It is powerful ecosystem transformations for entire industries by empowering professions and consumers from engineering to all fields to bring their ideas to real working using vast material selections including plastics, metals, ceramics and edibles. These Products and services disrupt traditional methods, delivery improved results and empower its customers to manufacture the future now.  

FDM & FFF 3D Printer

We are at SixD providing world’s best & most price competitive solutions into RE applications. These system are user friendly and SixD is dedicated to provide complete handholding support for our esteem customers to assist them for take the technologies with extent of uses.

Professional 3D Printers

Our offering 3D printer system based on FDM /FFF technology and capable of printing hallow and lattice structure as well as complex assemblies. Printer is suitable of working in office environment and free from hazardous radiation.

3d-printer-fdm1 3d-printer-fdm2

3d-printer-fdm1 3d-printer-fdm1
Specifications & Descriptions

Extruder technology   :   Single & Dual nozzles technology
Build Volume   :   From 200mm to 1100mm
Printing Materials   :   1.75mm to 3mm (All related materials)
Standard Nozzle Size   :   Start from 0.2mm to 1.2mm
Layer Resolutions   :   40 to 800 micron
Resolution (XY positioning precision)   :   From 10 micron
Resolution (Z positioning precision)   :   From 2.0 micron
Build Platform   :   Build platform is replicable/ Exchangeable so that after first printing the platform can be removed and next printing can be started immediate.
Printing bed Adjustment and fitting   :   It is with Auto-calibration & Adjustments
Temperature & humidity   :   Sensor is installed to regulate and control the temperature and humidity of printing bed & chamber
Stand-alone operation   :   Through built-in USB stick
Input file format   :   Standard STL and OBJ format
Computer interface   :   LAN Connectivity is required
Machine operation   :   Stand-alone required
Operating voltage   :   230v, 50Hz
Filament Flow Control & Weighing   :   System fitted with Filament Flow Control & Weighing sensors

  • Health and environmental protection are two of the core design concepts. Our printers use environmental friendly shell materials, printing supplies also use health materials, fully enclosed cabin to provide safe.

  • This equipment constitutes a perfect education solution. Our 3D printer & compact 3D Scanner becomes excellent tool in the field of education for developing students’ creativity, improving innovations and bases for all future careers skills development ingredients.

  • In the difference cultural and creative industries such as art, film, animation, games, etc. our 3D printer makes its uses due to low operating cost, high precision, high speed and multiple functions. This is a strong support to the users.



Six D Marketing Solutions
Six D Marketing Solutions

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